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“I manage a 40 unit apartment complex in Santa Rosa and have relied exclusively on Brian, Theresa and their company to handle all repairs, remodels and special projects over many years. They always get the job done promptly, professionally and at a reasonable price. I am also a real estate Broker with 26 years of experience and with complete confidence, I recommend Brian to all my clients preparing their homes for sale and when repairs are called for during escrow. I consider Brian to be an essential part of the success I have had. Past clients have invited us all out to dinner next week to thank us for the successful close of escrow on one of their rental properties that required an extensive remodel prior to sale.”

~ Mitch Conway (Property Manager & Real Estate Agent)

“I bought a house from 1961 that was basically untouched and needed a lot of work. Brian took on all tasks and brought in subs for specialty trades. His model is extremely flexible with respect to sourcing material and division of labor, as I took on what I could.

As we tore into the project, we discovered more things that need to be fixed. It’s an old house…. He was able to deal with all the changes reasonably and in a timely manner. His crew is great and they are respectful of the property on which they work.

I have enjoyed working with him on this project and look forward to an ongoing arrangement as things pop up with this old house.”

~ Andre Lucerno (Income Property Owner)